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Welcome to ARKS - EDGE

ARKS-EDGE are two words incorporated together to create a brand for our clients.

ARKS is plural of word ARK, the term signifies a holistic meaning. In holy bible the ship built by "NOAH" to save his family and two of all type of animal species from floods, which was in future known by NOAH's ARK.

Today's Corporate world is facing lot of trouble with respect to increased disclosures, increased level of compliances, multiple audits and office level functionalities. We are here to provide all our clients a simplified and one stop solution to all their problems. We believe in comprehensive service package, which will eliminate headache of compliances, data management, audits and reporting from the Corporate entities. In the context of increasing transparency and high level of governance the legal framework for functioning of business and Businessmen in India, has undergone lot of changes and many more is expected to come. Sometimes this creates uncertainty and anxiety for businessmen, hence we, ARKS-EDGE will forecast the corporate risks in advance and will give required solutions to you and secure your business from futuristic tribulation.

We gratify our clients with all the required services to run their corporate configuration.