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Business Valuation

Specific provisions under the companies act, 2013 which requires valuation report from a registered valuer

Sl. no. Section Particulars
1 62(1)C Valuation report for Further Issue of Shares
2 192(2) Valuation of Assets Involved in Arrangement of Non cash transactions involving Directors
3 230(2)(c)(v) Valuation of shares, property and assets of the Company under a scheme of Corporate Debt Restructuring
4 230(3) Valuation report along with Notice of creditors/shareholders meeting –Under scheme of compromise/Arrangement
5 232(2(d) The report of the expert with regard to valuation, if any, would be circulated for meeting of creditors/Members
6 232(3)(h) The Valuation report to be made by the tribunal for exit opportunity to the shareholders of transferor Company –Under the scheme of Compromise/Arrangement in case the Transferor company is Listed Company and the Transferee-company is an unlisted Company
7 236(2) Valuation of equity shares held by the Minority Share Holders
8 281(1) Valuing assets for submission of report by liquidator

Classes of assets that requires valuation

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